Tuesday, May 25, 2010

She Speaks!!

Grace said her first word this morning over breakfast! Her first was Mama! Yeah!!! Grace said it for Mommy & Daddy. :)

I thought this was very fitting since David's first word was Dada. :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Pretty Girl in a Tutu

Grace & Daddy's Fall

Saturday was a hard day for Daddy & Grace. We were leaving to go to a friend's birthday party & Justin fell going down the stairs. He was holding Grace & they both when crashing down the stairs. Grace had a gash in the side of her head. I called her pediatrician right away & they told us to take her to Children's Hospital ER. We had to drive downtown to get to that hospital but luckily they took us right back since Grace had a head trauma.

A nurse cleaned up her head & determined she did not need stitches (thank God)! They did want to do an MRI. Grace's MRI results came back normal. We were at the ER about 4 hours total. While at the hospital, Grace was smiling & laughing at the nurses.

Justin says he didn't get hurt & is not sore at all from the fall. Justin had a hard afternoon...I think he was feeling pretty bad about Grace getting hurt. :( Accidents happen. :(

Everyone is doing really well today & you would never know Grace got hurt. :) She is a tough chick!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

We had a great Mother's Day weekend! We went down to Mom & Dad's house in Montgomery, AL Friday. There was so much excitement & it was so hard to keep it all from my Mom. Jim & Meagan came from Florence, SC to surprise her for Mother's Day. Dad, Justin & I knew they were coming. Jim got to the house about 10pm Friday night. Mom was so surprised & excited to see them!

Saturday we hung out at Mom & Dad's house. We went to the pond & got to see the baby ducks.
Saturday night we went to the Montgomery Biscuit's baseball game. Even though they lost, it was still a fun game. Poor Grace, once we got to the stadium, she had a big blow out in her diaper. I forgot to bring extra clothes for her so Nanny bought her a new outfit once we were in the game. Grace had to be carried into the game in just her diaper. Below is a picture of Daddy carrying her into the game (a little red neckish). :)
We enjoyed some fireworks after the game. Poor David was scared of the fireworks. He hung onto Nanny's neck the whole time but by the end of the show, he seemed to enjoy it. Grace woke up from a nap just in time to see the fireworks & she liked them.
We had a great weekend & were so thankful to get to see Jim & Meagan!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wagner Family Blog Take 2

I am going to give this blog thing another try. I had a blog a couple years ago & had a hard time keeping up with it. Hopefully this time I will be better about posting. :)

Monday night Justin & I took the kids to their first Birmingham Barrons baseball game of the season. David has been to a few baseball games before but this was Grace's first ever baseball game.

The kids did really well at the game & we actually got to stay the whole game. :) We took David to the play area for little while. He had a blast!

There was a big slide that he really wanted to go down but was too scared to climb. His sweet Daddy climbed the slide with him & went down it. :) I had a very fun time watching Justin climb this slide & go down it!

We had a fun night. It was zoo night so we got into the game for free (which makes it even better). :)

Tuesday morning David went to MMO. Grace & I went walking with Lindy & Addie while David was a MMO. I was nice to be back in our regular routine. April was so busy, we are all a little out of whack. I was also able to get some cleaning & organizing completed before having to get David. We have spent Tuesday afternoon & today just hanging out around the house. I have gotten a lot done around the house & it has been nice laying low for a couple days.

We are all looking forward to the weekend. We are headed down to Montgomery to spend Mother's Day weekend with Mom. :)